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Our phonics program is based on Jolly Phonics and enhanced with material developed by our experts. It's a progressive, dynamic and fun-filled program covering 4 levels and will engage your child while building a solid reading foundation.  

What your child can expect to learn over the course of this program:

  • Learn to pronunce new words
  • Develop Print Awareness & Phonemic Awareness
  • Learn about sight words
  • Develop confidence in reading
  • Be able to spell new words even without having seen them before
  • Develop a passion for reading, writing and spelling!




Course Stucture:

  • Each session is 60 minutes
  • Class size: Maximum 4 students
  • Classes are organized into groups of similar age/level of ability to ensure age appropriate content. Commitment to regular attendance is essential for continuous improvement and development.
  • Tailor-made curriculum is available for one-on-one private classes. Contact us for further details


Class activities consist of:

  • rhymes and songs
  • interative phonic games
  • spelling and word games
  • reading and spelling excercises and worksheets

Additonal material is available for children to bring home to practice reading. We will assess your child's level and select material which is age appropriate and commensurate with your child's skill level. 


Click here to make an appointment for a placement test or registration and or other questions. 


About the program:

The Building Blocks Phonics program is carefully structured into the following 4 levels:

Phonics Preparation (Level 0), Phonics Level 1Phonics Level 2, Phonics Level 3



Phonics Preparation


  • Learning essential skills to prepare for reading 
  • Print Awareness 
  • Phonemic Awareness


Phonics Level 1


  • short vowels a, e, i, o, u
  • beginning & ending consonant sounds & digraphs
  • Learn how to read words, sentences & short stories


Phonics Level 2


  • review of all the short vowels, beginning and ending consonants
  • learning words with the S blends,
  • consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, wh and ph
  • soft C and G sounds. 
  • long a & i with the silent e.
  • learning how the silent e changes the sounds of words
  • vowel digraphs ai & ay, ee & ea and final y as long e


Phonics Level 3


  • long o & u with the silent e.
  • vowel digraphs oa & ow, ui & ue and final y as long i
  • Special vowels like aw & ew





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