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What is Grammar and why is it important?

In a nutshell, it's just a set of rules that must be followed to make words work together in order to create a sentence.

However, understanding and using grammar in the proper context can be a great challenge. Rather than simply trusting "what sounds right", the challenge is to use a logical approach in determining the most suitable appropriate way of forming a sentence. With grammar, it is possible to describe things accurately, whether for speaking or for writing. It also helps us understand the meaning of many different sentences through the different structures


Building Blocks' "English Grammar - The Logic Of Writing" course enables students to fully grasp the rules and structures framework which define the English language and also focusses on avoiding common mistakes. It also helps students not only expand their vocabulary, but also learn how to effectively reply to longer questions using complete sentences and proper tenses.


Course Focus:

  • Progressive, age-appropriate course
  • concept and usage of grammar, e.g. tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, parts of speech
  • one grammatical topic per lesson
  • each lesson includes open discussion and engaging exercises to ensure effective application of the rule learnt
  • guided-writing lessons to enhance students' understanding and application of the grammar they learnt


Course Structure

Each session is 60 minutes

Class size: Maximum 4 students

Classes are organized into groups of similar age/level of ability to ensure age appropriate content. Commitment to regular attendance is essential for continuous improvement and development.


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