Terms & Conditions

Students are required to register their attendance with Building Blocks Staff before the lesson

Parents/Students are responsible to read all official notices on the notice board.

For group lessons, students not attending classes at scheduled times are considered to have giving up those lessons and the fees for the unattended lessons will still be charged.

For private lessons only one absence (personal reasons, including to but not limited to sickness that lead to cancellation) is permitted in every 4 consecutive lessons. Students/parents are required to provide notice of absence 3hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Any additional cancellations (exceeding one absence) within the 4 lesson period will be subject to the regular tuition fee.

Tuition fees for the agreed time frame (e.g. 1 lesson 4 lessons, 24 lessons), must be paid in full. Students will not be allowed to attend any classes within a session unless the tuition fee for the agreed session time frame have been paid in advance and/or overdue tuition fees for a particular session have been duly settled in full and, on occurrence of any disallowance to attend classes on such ground, Building Blocks Learning Centre Ltd. Shall not in any manner be accountable or held responsible for either causing or delaying any student in attending any class or denying attendance by any student of any class as a consequence thereof.

Building Blocks Learning Centre Ltd. reserves the right to prevent a student from attending the lesson if the student fails to pay the fee on time.

Students can terminate or transfer classes only after they have finished one session of lessons. Students are required to give a minimum of 2 weeks advanced written notice (e.g. termination/transfer form) to the learning centre.

For bad weather class arrangements, please refer to our terms and conditions on our website and/or posted in our centre

Building Blocks Learning Centre Ltd. reserves the right to make amendments to the above said regulations when necessary



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    Building Blocks grand opening!

    Building Blocks – launches new website!

    Register for our upcoming summer camps

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  • Why Building Blocks?

    We offer high quality language programs at an affordable price. Our centre is committed to taking a leadership role in language services and providing a unique delivery of Progressive education, which is a growing trend in youth-education.  Building Blocks Learning Center directs its activities towards student success.

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    Our Teachers - An Exceptional Group

    At Building Blocks, all our teachers are highly qualified Native Speakers from Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and China. Their university degrees are centred around education and linguistics. Learn more about how we select, train and support the teachers that are committed to making your child the best language star he or she can be. 

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    Language Programs

    Our language programs for children and adults, inspire curiosity and enthusiasm to explore new languages and cultures respectively. Students develop strong language skills while having fun, with our student-centred and interactive immersion-based teaching.  Building Blocks offers foreign language classes in five different languages. 

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    Programs for Everyone

    Our programs are designed to be flexible and fun, so students may join a class at any time during the year. Different from standard language lessons, this is play-based education in a full immersion foreign language setting with amazing results. Try us out and see for yourself!

    Parents & Toddler Classes - Ages 1-3 years, Children Only Classes - Ages 3-10 years, Adults